Vine Fruit

Sun Dried Tomatoes
Vine fruit segment is Pagmat UK’s strongest offerings due to owners’ long time experience and reputation in this sector. Pagmat brand has been used by most meticulous small and large national and international groups in the UK for more than three decades.
Pagmat UK is now the sole importer and distributor of Pagmat vine fruit in the UK. In addition to sultanas and raisins of Pagmat brand,  Pagmat UK offers vine fruit from other origins including sultanas, raisins, currants, and flames depending on customer requirements.

Vitis vinifera L. is the Latin name of grapes. Grapes dipped into a natural solution and sun-dried are called sultanas. Non-dipped sun-dried grapes  are called raisins.
Pagmat UK offers product according to customer quality specifications. In terms of process and production of all products, Pagmat UK follows highest standards in line with BRC requirements.
PACKAGING Both bulk and retail packs are available. For bulk, the product is packed in 10 kg, 11.5 kg, and 12.5 kg cartons according to origin or customer requirement.
For retail, 250 gr, 500gr and 1000 gr pillow and BBRT bags, in addition to various weights within this range,  are available for private label.
PRICING As all agricultural commodities, the pricing of dried fruit in the global market fluctuates widely. Furthermore, the prices at Izmir Bourse determining the Turkish sultana pricing  is set up daily, while the global vine fruit market is relatively more stable.

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